DIY Wooden Candle Holder

Hey y’all!

So over quarantine, I really tried to take advantage of my “free time” and get a few DIY projects done that I have been saving for a rainy day.  If you’ve checked out some of my previous posts, you’ve seen that I recently renovated my laundry room and did a whole lot of tie-dying!  But one thing I have really been wanting to do is rearrange my home decor a little in a few of my rooms that I haven’t touched in awhile.  My style has slowly been changing a little so I am trying to get rid of pieces that aren’t doing it for me anymore.  The only problem is I wasn’t fortunate enough to be working during quarantine so I was having to redecorate on a very tight budget.  Thankfully, DIY is my middle name, so I started hitting up Pinterest for idea’s and currently have a whole list of things I want to make for around the house.  I actually really enjoy making things for the house as opposed to buying them from a store.  There is just something so satisfying about knowing you made some of your favorite pieces in your house all by yourself (or in my case with my husbands help), plus you can add your own flare to things if they aren’t originally exactly how you want them!

Okay so I don’t know about y’all but I have a serious candle problem, specifically Bath and Body Works candles.  Just in case you were wondering (which I’m sure you weren’t) Leaves and Flannel are two of my all time favorite scents from B&BW, you should check them out.  But anyways, I was browsing through Pinterest recently and saw this really cool wooden candle holder that this girl had in her living room and instantly thought it would go perfectly with my living room decor so I decided to try and recreate it.  I originally had Jared clean out an old glass candle jar that I was planning to put in the middle of this holder so I could put a tea light or something in like the girl did in the original post but the more I thought about it the more I liked that idea of making this candle holder to cover my B&BW candles, since I have a spare one of those laying around the house pretty much at all times.

So this is the picture that I found on Pinterest:


Cute right?!  I just absolutely love it!!

So this project ended up being pretty easy.  Glueing all of the wooden balls together was super tedious but other than that there really wasn’t much to it.  And as far as supplies go, I used three bags of the 1 inch wooden dowel caps (comes in a pack of 16 so that is 48 total)(this was the perfect amount to fit around a regular B&BW candle) that I got from Michaels, a hot glue gun/a couple of glue sticks, an empty glass candle jar, and white paint (which I didn’t end up using).  If you are not going to use a B&BW candle then I would suggest opening one pack of dowel caps at a time and just stacking them without the glue to see how many you will need, that way if you have any extra bags you can return them.


After I figured out that three bags would be perfect, we pretty much just started gluing the balls together two at a time and then gluing those two to the next two until the formed a complete circle around the candle like below.


From there we just kept repeating this process all the way up until four rows were complete!  I did end up stacking the balls on top of each other instead of staggering the rows like she did in the original picture.  I honestly think it looks great either way, just depends on your personal preference.


And that was it!  See, I told you it was pretty easy, just a little time consuming depending on how big you plan on making you holder!  I am just obsessed with how cute this turned out!  My only complaint is that the hot glue seeped a little out of the dowel caps when we glued them together so if you look close enough you can see the glue.  This wasn’t going to be a problem because I was originally going to paint this whole thing white, but I decided last minute to keep it the natural wood color because it goes a little better with my decor.  But honestly, nobody is going to be that close to this anyways so, it’s all good!  I also was a little worried about how the glue was going to hold up.  Since it is hot glue, I was nervous that it was going to melt from the heat of the candle but I have lit the candle inside three times since making this and have yet to have any problems *knock on wood* so far!


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