DIY Halloween Costumes: 90’s Edition

Hey Y’all!

I am all giddy thinking about all of the DIY costumes I could come up with this year.  Sadly that feeling quickly goes away when I remember that we are in a pandemic and Halloween is pretty much not happening this year.  At least not the way we usually do it.  There won’t be any Halloween parties or costume contests this year and I won’t be able to dress up with my coworkers like I normally do.  But I am going to still try and make the best of it and dress up for little things that maybe I wouldn’t normally dress up for.  I feel so awkward right now because we are about a week out from Halloween and I don’t really have a big extravagant costume in the works.  On Wednesday Jared and I are meeting a few friends and their little boy at the zoo for our annual Boo at the Zoo trip.  Every year we have been with them to Boo at the Zoo I have dressed up like a cat (which is weird because I hate cats.  Like I am very much not a cat person) because it is super easy to throw one all black and some cat ears and face paint and run out the door.  This year, I asked our friends little boy what I should be and he said a lion, so I guess I’m going to attempt to put together a lion costume last minute (the things we do for the kids, am I right?!).  And then I think I am planning on being a witch to give out candy because I have a black dress that has been sitting in my closet calling my name and I have yet to wear it, but we will see.  That will definitely be a last minute costume.

As for last year, I clearly went all out.  The costumes below are three of the four costumes I wore for various halloween related events.  I honestly didn’t plan it but once Halloween was over and I was looking back at my photos, I noticed that there was definitely a 90’s theme to all of my costumes and I low key love it!  I am a 90’s baby so all of these nostalgic looks gave me all the vibes.  As you know I am a mega DIY or nothing kind of girl when it comes to my Halloween costumes and I tend to be a little bit last minute  when it comes to well, everything so quick and easy but fun and relatable are my go to’s for costumes.  I think all three of the costumes below fit every single one of those categories, so if you are like me an looking for a quick DIY costume to give out candy or wear to work, check out my three costumes from last year below!

What To Wear

With Your Significant Other

So if you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I have an annual Halloween party at my house every year where I usually have some sort of costume contest.  Because I am a sucker for a good DIY Halloween costume, I usually try and go all out for mine and Jared’s costumes for this contest.  However, last year I spent so much time preparing for the party that I left myself little time to actually decide what Jared and I should be.  Thankfully a couple years back one of my coworkers and I did a Wayne’s World duo costume and I still had some of the pieces left over from that.  I was a little meh about this costume at first, probably because I had done it before, but honestly everyone ended up loving it both at the party and when I posted pictures online.  We also ended up winning the best couples contest award, so that was pretty cool!  Needless to say, this costume was a big hit and EXTREMELY easy to DIY!

Here’s What You Need:
Wayne: Hat | Wig | T-Shirt | Jeans
Garth: Glasses | Band Tee | Flannel |  Jeans | Drumsticks


With Your BFF

Honestly, if you didn’t have an obsession with Mary Kate and Ashley when you were a child, we can’t be friends…  Just kidding (kind of).   But really I can not even begin to tell you how excited I was to create this DIY costume with Anna last year.  It was beyond east to put together (since we both pretty much already owned everything we’re wearing) and hands down one of my favorite costumes I’ve DIY’d to date.  So if you’re feeling a little nostalgic this year, grab your best girl, dig through your closets, and live out your best 90’s baby dreams!

Here’s What You Need:
Mary Kate and/or Ashley: Hat | Overalls | T-Shirt | Flannel | Sneakers


To Work

So last year I ended up quitting my job that I worked at for like a million year and I will say the one thing that I miss about this job right now is that we used to go all out for Halloween (aka I went all out and forced everyone to participate with me lol).  I always had the best time doing group costumes with my coworkers.  Last year one of the girls I worked with and I decided it would be so fun to be CatDog for halloween (please tell me y’all remember this show?!?). This costume involved a little more DIYing that the other two.  I ended up buying the biggest t-shirts I could find from the craft store, cutting out a bunch of felt circles, and hot gluing them to the t-shirts.  It was really easy but super time consuming.  The ears were a little trickier because I had to find a way to make the cat ears stand up and the dog ears droop down.  I ended up making them out of leftover felt from the shirt and glueing them to a headband.  To make them not flat, I ended up making two sides to each ear and hot gluing those together which made them stiff enough to do what I wanted them to do.  Lastly I got a huge piece of poster bored and cut them into a double sided arrow and them cut that in half jaggedly so that it looked like the CatDog logo.  Then I used a picture of the logo I found online and traced out the logo on the arrows.  All in all this costume was so much fun to be and we got a ton of compliments from the people that actually knew who were (lol).

Here’s What You Need:
Cat and/or Dog: T-Shirt | Headband | Leggings | Felt | Poster Board



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