Old Navy Jacket Try-On

Let me tell y’all, for someone who lives in South Carolina where it is only cold like two, maybe three months out of the year, I sure do have a thing for jackets.  Like I seriously have so many dang jackets you would think I was from up North.  There are just so many cute styles of jackets and I for whatever reason have to have them all.  One of my current faves is the shacket (shirt-jacket) which is like a super light weight coat, or maybe a super heavy weight shirt, I’m honestly not sure which one it is more but I sure do love them!  I actually happened to find one on Old Navy’s website a couple of days ago that I thought I might have needed (see the third picture) which is what sparked this try on.  I wasn’t 100% sure how I was going to feel about the one I found from Old Navy because I honestly wasn’t sure how thick it was going to be based off of the picture online.  So I decided to run into my local Old Navy while running errands yesterday and try it on.  And by try it on, I mean every single jacket I could get my hands on in that store because lord help me they were all so dang cute!!  I was also really excited when I saw that they brought back the black puffer jacket (see last picture) and camel colored overcoat (see second photo) because I had my eye on both of these last year and never ended up getting them.  I ended up falling in love with both of them all over again and although I didn’t leave the store with them yesterday they both immediately went onto my Christmas list.

The last thing I wanted to mention before we get to the reason y’all all came here for is the fact that all of these jackets were on sale.  The one thing I love about Old Navy is the fact that they are always running some kind of crazy good sale.  This obviously made it a lot harder to not walk out of the store with every single one of these jackets but thanks to my shear willpower (jk I had my hubs with me and he would have killed me if I left with all of them) I didn’t.  All of these jackets were between 20 and 50 percent off so if you see one you love, make sure to snag it while its still on sale!

Go-H20 Water-Resistant Long Narrow Channel Puffer Jacket

Oversized Soft-Brush Overcoat

Oversized Soft Brush Plaid Long Shirt Jacket

Cozy Sherpa Snap Front Flurry Crop Jacket

Relaxed Soft-Brush Funnel Neck Coat

Go-H20 Water-Resistant Long Narrow Channel Puffer Jacket

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