Nashville Food Tour

If there is anything on this planet I could talk about for days, it is my favorite foods!  Sheesh, I mean seriously who doesn’t love a good meal.  My favorite thing to do when traveling is to try new restaurants or at least ones that I don’t get to have very often so when Jared told me we were heading back to Nashville for the second time this year, I immediately started noting all of the places I wanted to eat at.  We didn’t really end up eating at too many places we haven’t had before simply because we already have our favorites and it’s hard to sway away from those, plus we had a friend join us for this trip so we had to share our go to places with him.  

So Nashville is easily one of my absolute favorite places to visit.  Between the food, shopping, and site-seeing, there is just alway something new to do, see, or eat.  It’s honestly hard to even narrow down all of the places we want to go and restaurants we want to eat at, especially because the last two times we’ve gone to Nash, we’ve only had a couple of days each time to cram in as much stuff as possible.  One of my favorite things to do before trips is check out other travel blog posts about the area we are traveling to to see what places we need to check out.  The is honestly how I end up planning a lot of my trips so I thought it would be fun to share my favorite places to eat at in Nash just in case any of yall are planning to visit soon.  I was also thinking next time we head back (because we’ve already started talking about going back soon) I could do one of these travel guides for shopping as well as best spots to take pictures (because Nashville has some of the best murals I’ve ever seen).  What do yall think about that?!

** I added links to the menus of each restaurant just in case you want to check out what else they have to offer, although, I really don’t think you can go wrong with my suggestions if I do say so myself!


Hattie B’s

What I Ordered:
SM White Plate, Hot with Pimento Mac & Cheese and Fries (with a side of ranch)
As touristy as it is, this might be my all time favorite place to eat in Nashville.  Like we literally can’t go to Nash without eating Hattie B’s at least once.  There is absolutely NOTHING I don’t like about their food.  First off, their pimento mac and cheese is FIRE!!  Defiantly my favorite side on the menu, it’s literally so creamy and the pimentos give it the extra flavor to make this my go to side.  I also love to get their fries (even though I am not a big fan of crinkle cut fries).  Now what y’all came here for, the hot chicken.  I have tried Nashville hot chicken from quite a few different places and this one always seems to be my favorite.   I am a sucker for spicy food so Nashville hot chicken in general is right up my alley, but Hattie B’s has that recipe downnnnn, not only is the chicken super flavorful, but the meat is also extremely juicy.  I usually go with hot, which is pretty dang spicy, but they have a spice level that ranges from southern (no heat) to shut the cluck up (burn notice).  Also, I highlyyyy suggest getting a ranch with your hot chicken, it really helps cool your mouth down because I promise your mouth is going to be on fire.
Side Note:  be ready to wait in line, I have never been to Hattie B’s and not stood in line for at least 30 mins before being able to order my food.  The good news is that they do online ordering so you can always order ahead and take your food back to your hotel or airBnB.  I also would suggest hitting up the West Nashville location.  They always seem to have way less of a line to wait in that the downtown locations.


The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden

What I Ordered:
The Stroganoff Burger with Fries & a side of maple mustard (for dipping my fries in)
This place was suggested to me by man friend Brittney last time Jared and I went to Nash and oh man god!!!  I am a sucker for a good burger and this one did not disappoint.  The first time we went my friend suggested I get the stroganoff burger, which sounds kind of weird but I was def intrigued.  I had every intention of getting that burger until I went to order and saw that they had a special burger of the week that had jalapeños on it and well jalapeños are a weakness of mine so I went with that burger.  It was amazing but I never stopped thinking about that dang stroganoff burger.  So when we went to Nash this past weekend, I told jared we had to go back to The Pharmacy so I could try that burger and OH MY GOD!!! It was amazing!!!  Extreamly messy, but amazing.  Plus y’all know what they say, the messier the burger, the better the taste.
Side Note: They have a ton of different dipping sauces and I am a sauce boss so I was really excited to try a few out.  Jared wanted to order a honey mustard and our waitress told us they didn’t have one but the maple mustard was similar.  It was so freaking good I don’t think I’ll even not order one to dip my fries in whenever we go back.


Five Points Pizza

What I Ordered:
One Slice of Pepperoni & One Slice of Prosciutto & Basil
Pizza is one of my absolute favorite foods so when we were trying to figure out what to eat one night that we oddly hadn’t already had a pre-decided restaurant to go to, the first thing I searched was “best pizza in Nashville,TN”.  Five Points Pizza was one of the first places that caught my eye because I love a pizza joint that sells pizza by the slice.  We took a chance and headed here without anyone suggesting this place to us and man were we not disappointed.  First off I would like to say I easily could have ordered one slice and have been plenty full, but per usual, my eyes were bigger than my stomach and I went with two slices because I couldn’t choose which one I wanted more.  The slices were HUGE (you can tell I’m not exaggerating by the double plates per slice in my picture above).  Both slices I got were amazing but if I absolutely had to choose, I would say the classic pepperoni took the cake.  If you’re even remotely in the mood for pizza while in Nash, I HIGHLY suggest trying out Five Points Pizza!
Side Note:  Jared and our friend Corey Split an order of garlic knots and said they were amazing, I however did not end up trying them because I obviously already ordered way too much food to begin with.  They looked really good though so I’d probs go ahead and suggest ordering them too.


Edley’s BBQ

What I Ordered:
BBQ Nachos, Pulled Pork Plate with Fries and Mac & Cheese, Smoked Wings, Frozen Margarita
Any time Jared and I go out of town, we always look up the best BBQ places in the area.  Last time we went to Nash we actually asked around and were given a whole list of good BBQ places to eat at but quite a few of our friends suggested Edley’s as their go to BBQ spot so we decided it was the place to go.  I usually always get a pulled pork plate from whatever BBQ restaurant we go to when it is my first time trying it because I feel like you usually can’t go wrong with the basics.  BBQ is my absolute favorite food on the planet so I usually judge pretty hard and one of my biggest things I Jude a BBQ restaurant on is their mac and cheese as well as their sauce options.  I usually won’t even try a place if it is not a side option because in my opinny nothing goes better with BBQ than mac and cheese.  As far as the sauce goes, I will pretty much eat any BBQ sauce as long as its not vinegar based.  Mustard based is my fave with Alabama white being a close-ish second.  Edley’s does both of these well.  Their mac is on baked and has an amazing cheesy crust and they have both mustard based and Alabama white options (both are extremely good).  This past time when we went, I wasn’t really starving so I ended up getting the BBQ nachos as my meal and oh my god, I don’t think I will every get anything different.  I am a sucker for wing chips/raw fries and when I saw that they used them as the chips in my nachos I literally started drooling.  SO FREAKING GOOD!!!  We also ended up splitting the smoked wings last time we went as an app and they were really good as well (I really liked that they drizzled the Alabama white sauce over them).
Side Note:  The first time we went to Edley’s I went to the bar to order a drink and when I got to the bar I couldn’t read the chalkboard menu (it was dark in the bar area and I didn’t bring my glasses) so I panicked and ordered what the lady in front of me got which was the frozen margarita.  I am a BIGGGG margarita person but I usually don’t go for frozen margs but I am not even kidding you when I say that was probably one of the best frozen margs I’ve ever had.  So much so that I literally talked about it so much that when we went back to Edley’s this past weekend, Jared immediately ran to the bar without even asking me to get me a frozen marg.  Sadly enough… they bartender told him they don’t do the frozen margs every night and they just happened to not have them that night.  UGH, I was so dang sad, but I guess that just means we’ve got to go back again soon so I can get one!


Five Daughters Bakery

What I Ordered:
Pink Lemonade Donut, Milk Chocolate Sprinkle Donut, & Cherry Pie Donut
Let me preface this by saying I am not a big donut person so I really wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this place the first time we went.  But it was recommended to me why a friend so I figured I might as well give it a whirl.  It was soooo dang good.  Like besides Krispy Kream (because those are usually the only donuts I like, it was probably one of the best donuts I’ve ever had.  Any time we have been there has always been a long line out the door which is both annoying (because I want my donut, and I want it immediately) and a good sign.  Between jared and I, we have tried quite a few different flavors and I would say the Pink Lemonade and the Chocolate Brownie have been my favorites so far but I have honestly not had one yet that I didn’t like.
Side Note:  They have special monthly flavors and I usually always try to get at least one of these every time we go and they almost always end up being my favorite donut I get so I highly suggest going for one of those!


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