Hey Y’all!

  • My name is Chelsea Whitehead
  • I am from a little town in South Carolina called Irmo where I have lived my entire life.  Growing up most people were dying to get out of here but I love living in a small southern town so I stayed and now I live a couple miles down the road from where I grew up
  • I graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Retail with an emphasis in retail buying
  • I have been married to my husband Jared since 2015 and we have been together since 2007
  • Jared and I are complete opposites and it works really well for us.  I am very outgoing and will talk to pretty much anyone about anything and he is very laid back and somewhat shy.  Also I am a homebody and he wants to be going non stop
  • We have two dogs, a rescue pitt/hound mix named Chamois (pronounced Shammy) and a blue chihuahua named Alfie
  • Most of my photos are taken by my sweet husband on his Canon 6D or my IphoneX (I know, I really need to upgrade my phone)
  • My family has a beach house on Edisto Island (SC) that I have been going to for as long as I remember, so if you see me at the beach in any of my pictures or insta stories, that’s usually where I am at
  • I am very passionate about my southern roots.  There is seriously nothing I love more than southern hospitality/tradition
  • I tend to be extremely creative, growing up I was always painting or drawing but now my passion is home decor.  I think if I wasn’t working in retail, my dream job would be an interior designer.  I tend to gravitate toward the farmhouse style which I know is kinda cliche but I love it because it plays into my southern roots.
  • Growing up I played competitive tennis from the age of 5 years old up until my senior year of high school.  (I haven’t picked up a racket is years and I do kind of miss it)
  • I have insomnia, which means I don’t get much sleep so I often read or watch tv to pass my time. Reality tv is my guilty pleasure, I live for anything reality, from The Bachelor to Keeping up with the Kardashians I pretty much watch it all.  I would say my two favorite reality tv shows are Southern Charm and Vanderpump Rules.
  • Like I said before, I watch a lot of tv and although I love reality tv, Friends is hands down my favorite show, I’ve seen every episode atleast 50+ times and it just never gets old to me.  Jared always makes fun of me because I take pride in how good I am at Friends trivia.  I would say after Friends, Gilmore Girls and Sex and the City would  be my next two faves.
  • I watch a lot of sports as well.  I always say I am the son my dad never had (I am an only child).  Baseball is easily my favorite sport and I am a HUGE Braves fan, I am also a die hard Gamecock fan (my alma mater) and follow their football, baseball, and basketball teams pretty heavily.  Funny enough Jared wasn’t really into any sports when I first met him and I started taking him to USC football games with me and now he is a bigger fan that I am and I love it so much