Having lived in Irmo, South Carolina her whole life, Anna is currently a (broke) college student pursuing a degree in Retail. When she’s not sipping on a Macchiato or walking down every aisle of the nearest Target, she is usually binge-watching Netflix and loving on her Shepherd mix, Rocky. Since she was always considered the “fashion guru” of the family, she decided she had to find a way to explore her passion for all things fashion and knew blogging was the answer!

Born and raised in Irmo, South Carolina, Chelsea is a recent graduate from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Retail. After getting married in September 2015 to her husband Jared and no longer having a way to channel her creativity (due to no longer having to plan a wedding), she realized that she needed a new “hobby”. Knowing that fashion was always going to be a passion of hers, she realized that blogging about her interests was the direction she wanted to go!

After meeting while working at a clothing store in their hometown, Anna and Chelsea shortly realized their various similarities including all things fashion and beauty. After coming into work in similar (if not the exact same) outfits one too many times, they decided they needed to channel this like-mindedness into something they both enjoyed. Thus “Overdressed and Underrated” was created, giving them a space to share their similar love for fashion, beauty, and of course caffeine (amongst many other things) with all of y’all!