Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts (Amazon Prime Edition)

Okay, I’ve clearly been slacking on the blog post front.  I am so sorry, I have honestly been putting so much effort into Instagram plus we’ve been doing a few home reno things so it has been busy busy, but I was just sitting here thinking about everything under the sun and realized Sunday is Mother’s Day and although I already have my mom’s gift, I figured if Mother’s Day slipped up on me like this, it probably did for other people too.  Now Mother’s Day is only a few days away so if you are looking for a gift at this point, it’s going to have to be purchased in store or somewhere with next day shipping.  *Cue Amazon Prime*  Now this is kind of funny that I am suggesting this only because I don’t personally have my own Amazon Prime account because my mom got one first and I just decided to use hers, so if I were to order my mom something for Mother’s Day, she would instantly know about it.  But for everyone else out there that doesn’t share a Prime account with their mother, this list is for you!

The List

T3 Featherweight Compact Folding Hair Dryer
I’m going to be 100% honest with you, I am in need of a new hair dryer I guess because I have been shopping around lately this was fresh on my mind.  This brand has been highly recommended and I love that it is portable for travel.  I’m sure all mom’s would love this as a gift!

Corkcicle 25 oz Canteen
I got my mom this a couple years ago I think for Mother’s Day, or maybe her birthday I’m not sure but I’ll tell you the real reason why I got it for her… it can literally fit a whole bottle of wine in it.  I mean do I really need to explain any further why this is on my list?!  I will say though, I have two of them that I use as water bottles because I don’t drink wine as often and they are great for that too, but if your mom is anything like mine, the wine is the real winner here!

Amazon Alexa Echo
Okay so Jared and I were late to the bandwagon on this one, but we just bought an Alexa last weekend and are obsessed.  Like I seriously think we are using this thing wayyyy more that a normal person should.  I seriously ask Alexa what time it is or what the weather is like every five minutes because you never know.  I truthfully with my mom had internet at her house (she lives “out in the country” and has limited internet options) because this would easily be my gift to her this year.

UGG Women’s Coquette Slippers
My mom used to wear slipper around the house all the time when I was growing up and although I don’t live with her anymore I’m pretty sure she still does.  I bought these for myself last year and absolutely love them.

lord and berry
Lord & Berry Maximatte Crayon in Spicy
I got this lip pencil in a subscription box and it is currently my go to lippie.  I recently turned my mom on to it and we have been debating who loves it more.  It’s such a pretty mauve/nude and perfect for every day wear.

KitchenAid 4.5 Quart Mixer
Okay so unlike most moms, mine is NOT a cook.  My dad pretty much did all of the cooking growing up.  It was always an on going joke in my family, however my mom can bake.  She’s actually really good at it for someone who has like two dinner recipes down pat.  Jared got me one of these mixers years ago for Christmas and she always jokes about stealing mine so this year for Christmas I finally got her her own mixer and she was super excited so I’m thinking this would be a pretty good Mother’s Day gift if your mom doesn’t already have one.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet
My mom loves to read and one of our favorite things to do is share new books with each other.  We both have Kindles that we use often so if your mom is anything like mine, this is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

pj set 2
Women’s Palm Leaf Print PJ Set
Okay so I’m not a mom so a lot of this list is either things I think I would want if I was a mom or things I could see my mom wanting.  I just ordered this PJ set for myself the other day and it should be here soon so I really don’t know anything about it other than its super cute and I could totally see my mom wearing it so… that’s all I’ve got for you with this one.

steve madden
Steve Madden Greece Slides
These sandals are so stinking cute and perfect for every day wear.  My mom often wears Jack Rogers when she wears sandals so I feel like these are the perfect alternative for her this summer because they have the same detail as her Jack Rogers but are a slide instead!

JBL Clip Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Throwing it back to a couple years ago when I got this bluetooth speaker for my mom for Mother’s Day.  She has a pool and loves to listen to music while she is in the pool but was literally using a boombox from 2001 to listen to the radio or cds.  So I decided she needed a bluetooth speaker and the fact that this one is waterproof was the selling point!



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