Plaid For Spring + The Perfect Lack Of Color Hat

Okay so when I see plaid I instantly think Fall.  Everything Fall!  Mountains, bonfires, leaves, etc.  Gosh I love Fall, is it bad for me to say that it’s not even Summer yet and I am already ready for Fall.  It’ll go away when Summer gets here but for the time being…  Anyways, I don’t know why I’m talking about any of this when Spring is the season we are all here for.  And I was getting somewhere with the plaid/Fall reference, so back to that.  I bought this dress this past Fall so eager to wear it with the cutest over the knee boots but it somehow got shoved in the back of my closet and I just recently found it.  Which I hate because now I can no longer link it, but I’ll find y’all a few similars to make up for it.

It was funny though because I was kinda unsure weather I could make this dress work for a Spring transition outfit but once I threw on a pair of wedges and my cutest new Lack of Colors hat I was all set.  Which is what I really want to talk about.  Gah, I have had my eye on this hat since last Summer and finally pull the trigger.  I have not regretted that splurge once because I have already worn this hat like ten times, so…  Plus its a light, neutral color so it’s perfect for Spring!

PSA:  Ignore the wrinkles (sorry mom, I know you’re dying if you see this).  Apparently this dress wrinkles VERY easily.  Like it was perfectly fine before the four minute car ride from my house to this spot.  Oops!


Dress (similar) | Hat | Shoes


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