Gameday Roundup

Hey y’all! You know I think I have said this quite a few times about different posts but this might actually be my most favorite one! I honestly think I love this post so much because I’ve always struggled with finding the perfect gameday outfits every football season. Now if your not a huge SEC football fan (or more importantly gamecock fan) then you might think I’m a little crazy for saying this is such a struggle for me. I can see y’all now sitting there saying “who the hell stresses about what to wear to a football game”, but in the south we take our football seriously. It’s more of a fashion show than anything else. I mean I seriously think I put forth just as much effort in getting ready for game day as I did every time I went to prom.. (joking… kinda..)

It’s funny to go back and look at these pictures after the season is over because it is like it shows a progression of the seasons… I swear the temperature difference between the second picture and the second to last picture is insane.  I got an aggressive sunburn from the second game and had to go out and buy an extra weatherproof blanket before the fourth game..  Oh South Carolina, you sure do know how to give us weather whiplash!

But anyways, football is my perfect excuse to dress up for something I love so much.  I have been going to USC football games since before I could even walk.  I honestly love going to any USC sporting event but I never really put forth this much effort in my outfits for any of the other sporting events.

Before we get to the reason y’all are hear I want to give a HUGE shout out to Barefoot Campus Outfitters (this is not sponsored in any way shape or form). They are the true MVP when it came to finding any last minute gameday outfits!


Tee | Skirt (Plus) | Booties | Sunnies


Tank (Similar) | Shorts | Shoes | Sunnies | Earrings | Purse


Dress | Jacket | Booties | Sunnies


Sweater | Jeans | Booties


Sweater | Jacket | Jeans | Booties | Headwrap


Sweater | Jacket | Jeans | Shoes | Headband


T-Shirt | Jacket | Jeans | Shoes | Hat


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